Ranking all 18 BCHL primary team logos


(This article was originally posted on August 4, 2020)

Logos can be a touchy subject to some and everyone has an opinion about them. The BC Hockey League is no exception as it has logos that range from fantastic, okay, and downright horrible. Much like the WHL, I decided to rank all 18 of the BCHL’s primary logos.

This is a purely subjective task based on one person’s taste and opinions. Feedback and discussions are certainly welcomed.

18. Cowichan Valley Capitals

Cowichan Valley ranks last on this list because of its lack of creativity. The logo is an exact copy of the National Hockey League’s Washington Capitals. I know to have a team name as the Capitals makes it hard to come up with an original logo, but I would have liked to see something other than a precise replica of an NHL logo.

17. Prince George Spruce Kings

Prince George’s logo barely escapes the last place spot. It has the same colour scheme as Cowichan Valley, and it uses a crown very similar to the Los Angeles Kings. I would have liked to see a logo with the word “Spruce” more prominent, as I do like the team name.

16. Salmon Arm Silverbacks

Salmon Arm went from having one of the best logos to one of the worst. This logo looks pretty much exactly like the LA Kings logo. Also, the silverback gorilla looks a lot less threatening then it did on their old logo. I think they should have kept the logo they had in 2012.

15. Powell River Kings

So much more could have been done with the Kings logo. First of all, the colour scheme could have been different as I don’t think the green and the gold are a good combination. The part I do like about this logo os the crown, it looks better than the Spruce Kings logo, and I like how it fits into the ‘P’.

14. Merritt Centennials

I honestly don’t know what to say about the Centennials logo. The one thing it has going for it is uniqueness. I do like the stick and puck part of the logo. The problem I have with it is that it tells me nothing about the city or the team name other than a vague looking ‘C’.

13. Alberni Valley Bulldogs

This logo needs a lot of work. I do like the bulldog and how it’s biting the stick. It’s the colour and font choice I don’t like. The logo looks like something you would find advertising a restaurant and not a hockey club. The Bulldogs logo has the late 1990s/early 2000s feel to it, and it might be time for a change-up.

12. Coquitlam Express

The Coquitlam Express logo is not bad. I like how the train is a skate blade at the bottom; it’s a nice touch. The problem I have is that it looks a bit too much like a cartoon and not a hockey logo. I also don’t know how they can make a train menacing, but I think it needs an overhaul.

11. Nanaimo Clippers

Before writing this article, I had no idea what a clipper is but in doing my research, I learned it is a boat. I do like the design of the clipper in this logo, and I like how the hockey stick is incorporated. What I don’t like about the Nanaimo logo are the colour scheme and the circle part. Like the Express, it also looks like a 1990s cartoon.

10. Vernon Vipers

The Vernon Vipers logo makes it into the top 10. I like the design of the viper, it looks scary and menacing. I also like the subtle incorporation of the hockey sticks behind the snake. What I don’t like is the two ‘V’s or the yellow sun. I do feel like Vernon could do a lot better.

9. Victoria Grizzlies

The Victoria Grizzlies logo reminds me of the old Vancouver Grizzles logo from the NBA. However, Victoria’s logo is a little plain and I would like to see something more. Some teams need to step away from the circle logo as six teams in this list use it.

8. Langley Rivermen

Langley’s logo is a weird one for me. I like the colour scheme and the font that was used. The Rivermen could have a fantastic logo if they stopped using the circle template. It really has been used by so many other teams in the BCHL. If they did something like the Western Hockey League’s Vancouver Giants where the character stands out, I think it would be a better logo.

7. Wenatchee Wild

I like Wenatchee’s logo. I love the attention to detail in the wolf, with the mountains, river, and trees. It’s ranked lower because the logo has a similar colour scheme to the Langley Rivermen. Also, I’m not too fond of the stars on sides, and as I’ve established above, I’m not a fan of the circle logo.

6. Trail Smoke Eaters

I originally had Trail ranked lower than sixth, but I changed my mind after taking some time to look at it. I like the hidden hockey stick in this logo. The great thing about this logo is the smokestacks and how it represents the city. Again, with many of the logos, I wouldn’t say I like the circle too much and would like to see something a little bit more creative.

5. Penticton Vees

Penticton’s logo would be ranked higher if they used their alternate. This logo is simple but I do appreciate that. The blue maple leaf and big ‘V’ is what I enjoy most about the logo. The critique I have is the font for the word Penticton, it needs to be changed, and it’s almost an exact replica of the Hockey Canada logo.

4. Surrey Eagles

Making birds look threatening is a tough task but I think Surrey pulls it off perfectly. The eagle looks menacing holding the hockey stick and I like the colours the team picked. I would like to see the city name somewhere on the logo, as when you see the logo on its own, you have no idea what city the team is located in.

3. Chilliwack Chiefs

This might be a controversial logo because of the indigenous reference but I do like it. The two different font sizes add so much to this logo. The hidden “C” in the chief part of the logo is a nice added touch. It does a great job representing both the city of Chilliwack and the team name of the Chiefs.

2. West Kelowna Warriors

West Kelowna did a phenomenal job when they made this logo. The way the “W” is used is very clever. I like the dragon character, the design of the shield, and also how it has two different colours. The city name is small, which doesn’t take away from the overall design and look of the logo.

1. Cranbrook Bucks

The BCHL’s newest team has my favourite logo. The attention to detail is incredible in its design. The buck looks menacing and I like the all-green look, it’s a colour used not too much in the league. One thing I like so much about this logo is how the circles in the ‘B’ are buck prints and the hidden hockey stick above the ‘Cranbrook’ wordmark. I cannot wait to see this logo on the Bucks jerseys for the upcoming season.