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Surrey Eagles: Graduating players and eligible returnees

In 2021-22, the Eagles finished sixth in the Coastal Conference, making the playoffs for the first time since 2018. The Eagles were defeated by the Nanaimo Clippers in a four-game sweep in the first round.

The Eagles have eight players committed to NCAA Division I schools, one committed to Simon Fraser University of BC Intercollegiate Hockey League in Buddy Johnson, and one aging out in Primo Self.

Surrey’s general manager Blaine Neufeld and head coach and associate GM Cam Keith have six forwards, four defenders, and two goalies eligible to return for next season.

These numbers will likely change as players move to other leagues like the Western Hockey League, US Hockey League, or North American Hockey League. They may drop down to junior B, be sent away in trades, retire, or wind up committing to college before September and don’t return to their BCHL clubs.

The depth chart is based on the league going with a 24-player roster next season and coaches going with 14 forwards, eight defenders, and two goaltenders.

Graduating players

Jacob Bonkowski (University of Nabraska-Omaha)
Jacob Slipec (University of Nebraska-Omaha)
Buddy Johnson (Simon Fraser University)
Michael Abgrall (University of Nebraska-Omaha)
Jake Bongo (Sacred Heart University)
Drew Tsakounis (Penn State University)
Brady Gagno (Quinnipiac University)
Jimmy Darby (University of Alaska-Anchorage)
Cade Penney (University of New Hampshire)
Primo Self (aged out)

Eligible returnees (* indicates an open spot – assuming the team goes with 14 forwards and eight defenders)

Cole Galata (02)
Ben Fontaine (03)
Ante Zlomislic (03)
Trent Wilson (04)
Grayden Slipec (05)
Joel Plante (05)

Oliver Gabrielson (03)
Ty Brassington (04)
Tait Ross (04)
Tate Taylor (04)

Max Prazma (02)
Eli Pulver (03)