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Details released for the Bucks first appearance at the BCHL Showcase


Just days after releasing its regular season schedule, the BC Hockey League announced details of its 2021 BCHL Showcase.

The Showcase takes place Oct. 20-24 at the Chilliwack Coliseum. The Chiefs and the city of Chilliwack have been at least a co-host in each Showcase event since its inauguration in 2012. During the Showcase, each BCHL team plays two games — one as the home team and one as the visitor.

The two games at the Showcase complete the Bucks regular season schedule. Cranbrook’s first game at the event is on Oct. 22, in which it is the away team against the Powell River Kings. It is the first-ever meeting between the two teams, and the only one during the 2021-22 season. The Bucks are then the home team against Cowichan Valley on Oct. 23, the first of two meetings during the season against the Capitals.

The Showcase gives each player on all BCHL teams a chance to play in front of scouts from both the college and professional ranks. In the league’s media release, BCHL deputy commissioner Steven Cocker explains how great of an opportunity the Showcase is for players looking to move on to the next level.

“We are thrilled to bring our Showcase event back after a year off last year. Our league is all about exposure and giving our players the chance to show their skills in front of scouts so they can move on to the next level and achieve their hockey goals. Over the years, this event has proven to be a great way to get those conversations started.”

An opportunity to be scouted

With the Bucks being an expansion team having only played 20 BCHL games, they are still relatively new to the junior hockey circuit. In addition to the organization being so young, a lot of its players are still finding their way at this level. The BCHL Showcase event is an excellent way for Cranbrook’s young talent to show scouts what they have to offer.

Sure, there were scouts in the Penticton pod this past spring as the Bucks battled their way through a tough debut season and some of Cranbrook’s top players like AJ Vasko, Zeth Kindrachuk, Walker Gelbard, and Cam Kungle may have already caught the attention of scouts from the next level.

That being said, there are certainly some players who did not find the success they had hoped for in the six-week 2020-21 season. The showcase in Chilliwack provides another opportunity for exposure.

Players like Nathan Airey, Christian Lowe, Cole Assailly, and Noah Quinn are a few Bucks who seem poised for a breakout BCHL season. These players, among others, no doubt welcome the opportunity to play before such a group of scouts.

When the Bucks head to Chilliwack for the BCHL Showcase in October, they’ll be a few weeks into the season. By then, the hope is that Cranbrook’s players have found their role on the team and are set up for success.

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